Utah Valley University (UVU) holds an impressive reputation as a fertile ground for budding entrepreneurs, with approximately 80% of its graduates launching their own businesses within Utah. This places UVU as a local champion. The unique fusion of practical skills and academic theory offered through UVU’s entrepreneurial education programs serves students well in establishing their ventures.

Comparatively, while Hunter College, New York City, has more graduates establishing businesses within its city, UVU predominantly garners attention at the state level. This trend could likely be attributed to UVU’s Entrepreneurship Institute, supplying a wealth of resources, including mentorship, funding, and networking.

Seth Jenson, who heads the Entrepreneurship Institute at UVU, asserts that strategies fostering a culture of innovation and hands-on business experiences, as well as tie-ups with industrial leaders, are what makes UVU endowed with entrepreneurial success. These strategies, along with the opportunity for students to participate in practical events such as pitch competitions, lay a robust foundation for their future.

Undoubtedly, the fostering of a culture where students confront risk and redefine the norm is key to nurturing exceptional entrepreneurs. Jenson’s comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship education is clearly fruitful, with UVU consistently producing successful business forerunners.

Fostering successful entrepreneurs at UVU

Jenson applauds UVU Lead Astrid Tuminez and Business School Dean Bob Allen for their dedication to making UVU the hotbed of entrepreneurial activities in Utah. The collaborative approach by UVU’s Student Association executives and the teaching staff significantly contributes to this cause, shaping a conducive learning realm.

UVU is gaining recognition as a leading institution in fostering entrepreneurs, thanks to its practical focus, welcoming attitude, and hands-on laps of judgement. Not only does the University nurture innovative ideas, but it also guides students through to execution, ensuring their education generates real-world returns.

UVU graduate and business owner, Ben Perkins, serves as a testament to UVU’s influential role in fostering successful entrepreneurs. Perkins credits UVU’s key emphasis on practical knowledge and initiative as the backbone of his own success. President Tuminez’s vision of making UVU a hub for innovation was integral in his journey. Today, he stands as an embodiment of UVU’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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