Serge Robichaud is a Canadian financial advisor with Canada Life & Quadrus Investments, where he provides financial planning advice and manages client investments and insurance policies. 

Q: What made you pursue a career in finance?

Serge Robichaud: My interest in finance began at the University of Moncton. I liked that financial concepts were like complex puzzles that needed solving. I pursued work in various banking roles, and with each one, I gained new insights into different markets and economic conditions. I’m very happy with my career as a wealth manager because it combines everything I love about finance, solving puzzles and putting that to the service of helping people secure their financial future. I’m constantly challenged and constantly feel the rewards of all of our hard work when our clients are able to achieve some peace of mind. 

Q: How do you approach managing risk and return for your clients’ investments?

Serge Robichaud: My approach involves a comprehensive analysis of each client’s financial situation and goals. We develop a plan based on their current financial picture and future aspirations. It’s like a game of chess, where I try to anticipate future moves to align their investment strategies with their ambitions. I get to know my clients well and gain an understanding of their risk tolerance and how much they want to explore new investment opportunities. Over time, we strike the right balance to achieve their goals. 

Q: What is your perspective on holistic investment strategies?

Serge Robichaud: I’d say it defines my approach to wealth management. My clients know this. I firmly believe in a balanced approach to life and investment. In my personal life, I emphasize fitness and well-being, and I’m always encouraging my clients to do the same. It’s part and parcel of carving out the best life for yourself, along with choosing the right investments and retirement plans. A holistic investment strategy considers all aspects of a client’s life and goals. By integrating these philosophies into financial planning, I help clients achieve their overall life objectives, not just their financial ones.

Q: How have you continued to develop your skills throughout your career?

Serge Robichaud: You have to be in this business. I put a big emphasis on continuous learning. One step that has helped evolve my skills is attending The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) conference. Only the top financial advisors in the world qualify for this conference. At these conferences, you get to learn the best practices advisors use with their clients from the industry’s elite. I also regularly attend financial planning seminars and stay updated on current events. I enjoy working hard to maintain my personal well-being so I can be at my best when advising clients. Continuous learning and self-improvement are a major part of my professional development.

Q: What trends do you see shaping the future of financial planning, and how are you preparing for them?

Serge Robichaud: The future of financial planning will be heavily influenced by emerging technologies, particularly AI. I’ve made it a priority to educate myself on these advancements to ensure my clients benefit from the latest innovations. I also see a growing trend towards investments that create long-term societal value. There are so many conflicts and problems in the world, and people want to feel like they’re contributing to solutions. So, by staying informed about new technologies and best practices, I can adapt my clients’ portfolios to capitalize on future developments, incorporating sustainable and forward-looking financial practices.

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