The initiative is a program of Latinas & Power and its Latinas in Leadership Institute.

HARTFORD, Conn., July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Actress and activist Rita Moreno, the honorary chair of the newly created National Advisory Council for the Latinas in Leadership Institute, a Latinas and Power Corp. Program kicked off the first inaugural meeting with a strong sense of passion and commitment to help close the Latina leadership gap in this country. Moreno stated, “I accepted the role as the national honorary chairwoman for this leadership program because we must create a path for more Latinas to take on leadership and advocacy roles. This is about increasing representation at all levels in all sectors.”

The Latina Leadership Institute’s (LiLi) mission is to increase representation and to cultivate a robust pipeline of talented leaders prepared to take on leadership and advocacy roles in business and the community.

This Latinas & Power Corp. leadership initiative amplifies and coincides with the new, (a global network dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions working diligently to create an equal world,) first ever report on Latinas recently published called The State of Latinas in Corporate America that offers an in-depth look at the distinct, compounding obstacles Latinas face at work.

Marilyn Alverio, the CEO of Latinas & Power and Executive Director of the Latina Leadership Institute (LiLi) said, “Latinas & Power Corp. has been answering the call to tackle the pipeline barriers that hold Latinas back from leadership roles through LiLi and through a number of other platforms.”

The 6-month intensive certification program, LiLi is a cohort based professional development hybrid program with a culturally relevant lens and designed specifically for Latina professionals and entrepreneurs in early to mid-career. It focuses on mindset, authenticity, leadership influence and civic engagement.

The newly created Advisory Board for LiLi, comprised of national influential Leaders from various sectors, including business, academia, government and the arts, will provide guidance for LiLi’s programming to effectively assist in addressing the Latina Leadership gap and be positioned to expand across the U.S.

Known for her celebrity and activism in the civil rights movement and as conscious activist, Ms. Moreno has been a strong advocate for women’s rights and racial equality throughout her career.

“This type of support for Latinas did not exist during my early days and even in my mid-career. I firmly believe it is imperative that we all do our part to help lift up the work of organizations such as Latinas & Power. These initiatives make a difference and ensure a vibrant workforce.” stated Ms. Moreno.

Council member Carolyn Aronson, one of the few Latina CEOs in the U.S. and a successful global entrepreneur of It’s a 10 Enterprises, stated, “We need more Latina CEOs, and I am here to inspire other women to realize that they too can lead companies and own global brands. By finding their passion and tapping into increasingly accessible resources, women can build businesses from the ground up and achieve their full potential.”

Real Estate Developer and Attorney, Sandy Cloud stated he is delighted to be in this distinguished company being led by Rita Moreno. “I am honored to be a part of this advisory council that will help with the next step to develop opportunities for Latinas in this country and help break as many barriers as we can.”

Karen Clarkson, V.P. of Go to market strategy, sustainability, and strategic partnerships for Ricoh corporation, shared why she became a Council member. She stated, “I want to help give a voice to this community that can make a change in the world”.

During the kick-off meeting, all advisory members shared valuable information and insights and will play a key role in providing guidance, their influence, and their passion to expanding the leadership program in the Northeast and beyond. The council will meet three times a year and provide counsel as needed in between meetings.

In addition to the above council members mentioned additional Advisory council members include:  Tricia Montalvo-Timm, board director, venture investor, Yvette Melendez, President & Founder YMR consulting, Andrea Navedo, Actor, Author and Speaker, Yvette Peña V.P Audience Strategy and Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at AARP, Deb Rosado Shaw, Fortune 50 Senior Executive and Advisor, Dr. Charles Venator Santiago, Assoc. Professor and Founding Director of the Puerto Rican Institute at the University of CT. In Storrs, and Dr. Tina Loarte-Rodriguez, Executive Director, CT Center for Nursing Workforce.

LiLi is OPEN for applications for its next session until August 20, 2024, with Scholarships Available.

The third Cohort begins on September 18th with a two-day retreat that helps build community as well as conducts behavioral assessments that contributes to the baseline of experience.

About Latinas & Power Corp.:

Latinas & Power Corp. is a 21-year-old network of Latina professionals and entrepreneurs with the mission of inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and providing tools that enable Latinas to succeed as influential leaders and advocates in the workplace, community and beyond. Through initiatives like the Latinas in Leadership Institute, Latinas & Power Corp aims to create opportunities for personal and professional growth, foster leadership development, and promote diversity and inclusion.

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