Dubai, United Arab Emirates(Hexa PR Wire–November 21, 2023)Taurus Consulting, a Dubai-based company specializing in financial consulting, today announced its plans to expand its team. The company is seeking to fill several positions in its sales and onboarding departments, emphasizing the need for candidates with international sales experience and strong communication skills.

About the Positions

Taurus Consulting is opening positions for Sales Managers, Onboarding Specialists, and International Market Analysts. The roles require individuals with a proven track record in sales, the ability to effectively communicate across diverse cultures, and a keen understanding of the financial consulting and AI sectors. The company values candidates who are eager to engage in a dynamic work environment and have a strong drive for professional growth.

Company Culture and Values

The recruitment drive underscores Taurus Consulting’s commitment to maintaining a vibrant company culture that aligns with its foundational principles and mission. The company seeks individuals who not only bring technical expertise and experience but also resonate with the firm’s ethos of innovation, teamwork, and commitment to excellence in the financial consulting and AI domains.

Tommaso Zapparrata
Tommaso Zapparrata

Taurus Consulting was founded by Tommaso Zapparrata, born in 1986 into a family of entrepreneurs in the province of Catania. Zapparrata’s early exposure to the trading world, through his brother Rocco, laid the foundation for his interest in financial markets. Over the years, he has combined his passion for trading with his entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the formation of several successful ventures, including SWISSTECH Consulting and Goldman Tech Valley Srl. Zapparrata’s journey reflects a blend of industry experience and personal dedication to the field.

Company Evolution

Since its inception, Taurus Consulting has carved a niche in financial consulting and AI-driven algorithm trading. The firm’s approach to integrating advanced technologies with traditional financial consulting practices has positioned it uniquely in the market. As it moves towards expanding its operations in the Arab countries and other European regions, such as Spain and France, the company aims to deepen its market reach and enhance its service offerings.

Joining the Taurus Consulting Team

Individuals interested in joining Taurus Consulting can learn more about the available positions and application process on the company’s website. The firm is looking for candidates who are ready to contribute to its growing team and help further its mission in the evolving landscape of financial consulting and AI.

About Taurus Consulting

Taurus Consulting is a Dubai-based company specializing in financial consulting, AI, and algorithm trading. Founded by Tommaso Zapparrata, the company combines traditional financial expertise with cutting-edge technological innovation, catering to a diverse clientele. With a focus on expanding its global footprint, Taurus Consulting continues to explore new markets and opportunities in the financial sector.

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