Content and Visibility Strategist, Britany Budd announces her Fall enrolment of ‘ICONIC’.

Debuting Spring 2023, Britany Budd‘s Hybrid Business Mastermind has proven its success and will run again in the Fall.  Here, strategy meets mindset and infuses PR to equip female entrepreneurs with the skills to build a sustainable business adapted to the current economic climate.

It is essential that today’s female entrepreneurs learn how to adapt, pivot and thrive in these unpredictable times. It demands unwavering support, evidence-based strategy and confident delivery on marketing trends that stand the test of time.


Visibility Mastermind, ICONIC
“The economy has shifted, people are investing in things they truly need and programs that will make a difference in their business. People want to know how you will help, and expect you to back it up with evidence.”

About Britany Budd

Britany Budd is a retired Stockbroker who managed over $21 Million in assets for 150 families for more than 7 years, Brittany then turned her skills in business development, along with her ability to helm large portfolios and see the ‘bigger picture’ for her clients, into a multiple six-figure online business.

Based in Canada and Mom of 3, Britany’s proven method for innovating her clients’ content, marketing and business strategy, is done simply and efficiently, without them sacrificing rest, or time with their family.

An advocate for truth and transparency in business, Britany shares: “flashing numbers and account statements, over-promising and under-delivering, and leveraging unhealthy marketing tactics perpetuates an ecosystem of codependency and fear. In my eyes and heart, this is not where the Industry of Coaching will thrive or sustain the reputation it deserves. We need to create real results, with real clients for real-world change.”

The Finer Details of ICONIC

Iconic delivers an initial personalized strategy call where the clients results are reverse engineered, providing a fully customized business plan. 2 further private on-demand calls are available within the 3 month period, alongside the 90 minute weekly mastermind sessions.

The ability to ask questions in-real-time is at the clients disposal via Slack. PR consultation and opportunities to optimize a visibility strategy are provided, while an in-depth workbook, guided meditations and somatic exercises provide a holistic approach to doing business.

Women featured in the Spring ICONIC cohort are Kelly J. Mendenhall, Véronique Lacroix, Halldis Elizabeth Romsloe (“Elle”), Melissa Kellogg Lueck, Kelly Rae, Allison Leigh Solomon, Shannon Olsen, Laura Pence Atencio, Jessica Jordan-Munn, Jennifer Zundel, Estelle Winsett, Cassie Kramer, Sonjia “Lioness” Mackey and Johanna Marie Buss.

Contact Brittany

Email: [email protected]

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