Cambridge, Massachusetts(Hexa PR Wire–January 24, 2024)Bajer Watches, under the guidance of its Founder and CEO Leyla Uysal, has been featured in various respected publications, emphasizing the company’s dedication to environmental and social initiatives and Ms. Uysal’s entrepreneurial journey since launching Bajer in 2022.

About Bajer Watches

Bajer Watches, introduced in 2022, is more than just a brand of Swiss-made watches; it’s a narrative celebrating Kurdish women’s rich history and culture. Each timepiece is a fusion of modern design and sustainability, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and cultural storytelling.

Media Features of Bajer Watches and Leyla Uysal

About Leyla Uysal

Bajer Watches Announces Recognition in Multiple Publications
Leyla Uysal founder at Bajer Watches

Leyla Uysal, the visionary behind Bajer Watches, has melded her cultural heritage and educational background into creating a brand that stands for more than luxury. Her commitment to sustainability, modern design, and storytelling is evident in every aspect of Bajer Watches, making the brand a representative of cultural narratives and environmental consciousness.

For more information about Bajer Watches and Leyla Uysal’s journey, visit Bajer Watches website.

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