New research insights from Info-Tech Tech Research Group will equip food and beverage manufacturers with essential strategies for embracing digital transformation. The global research and advisory firm explains that the industry can significantly enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve product quality by focusing on automation, data analytics, and IoT. Info-Tech’s industry blueprint is crucial for organizations aiming to navigate the digital landscape, achieve sustainable growth, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

TORONTO, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Facing a landscape defined by constant change and heightened consumer demand, the food & beverage industry needs strategic interventions for sustainable growth. CIOs are under pressure to create more resilient supply chains using advanced technologies while staying compliant with food safety and quality regulations. In response to this pressing need, Info-Tech Research Group has published its latest blueprint, Priorities for Adopting an Exponential IT Mindset in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry. This research serves as a roadmap for IT leaders in the industry to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and achieve sustainable growth. The firm advises that by leveraging data analytics, automation, and IoT, organizations can make more informed decisions, streamline processes, and respond quickly to market demands.

Info-Tech’s research insights highlight the obstacles faced by the food & beverage manufacturing industry when it comes to adopting the latest technologies. One of the main challenges is employees’ resistance to change due to fear of job loss, lack of understanding, or discomfort with new technologies. Additionally, a persistent skills gap in the workforce, particularly in areas like cybersecurity, data analytics, and technology management, hinders progress. However, the firm emphasizes that understanding these barriers and embracing the opportunities presented by exponential technologies will allow manufacturers to optimize their operations and drive innovation, competitiveness, and sustainable growth.

“While food & beverage manufacturers have seen improvements in throughput over the last couple of years, a majority of them are also seeing their profits decline because of increasing material costs per product,” says Shreyas Shukla, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group. “Executives from the industry believe that smart factory solutions will drive exponential benefits over the coming years. CIOs are beginning to take center stage in navigating these complexities effectively and steering their organizations toward a future that is more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. This is why it is crucial for CIOs to understand the working priorities that underpin the use of Exponential IT and use these concepts to their advantage.”

The report further details the urgent need for the manufacturing industry’s IT leaders to adopt Exponential IT to address industry disruptions swiftly. Info-Tech explains that speed is imperative, and all IT leaders and organizations are at risk of falling behind if they do not adopt new technologies quickly.

In the new blueprint, Info-Tech highlights four key priorities for IT leaders in the food & beverage industry to effectively leverage Exponential IT:

  1. Prioritize Human-Centered Leadership: Hire talent to build and train workers to use collaborative digital technologies to drive tailored production, resource efficiency, precision, and flexibility.
  2. Transform Infra & Apps to Utilities: Accelerate value realization by integrating scalable technologies and implementing rigorous performance management systems to drive measurable improvements.
  3. Fund Exponential Value Creation: Leverage cloud technologies, “as-a-service” products, and agile delivery methods to align technological enhancements with organizational objectives.
  4. Boost Vendor Management Practices: Embrace external partnerships with vendors, partners, system integrators, and product companies to enhance access to the latest technologies and shared expertise.

As outlined in the firm’s blueprint, Exponential IT is a long-term transformation plan executed through a series of initiatives that run parallel to an existing IT strategy. It is not a side project, and it should not be the only focus of the IT organization. Therefore, Info-Tech suggests that IT leaders embed an Exponential IT roadmap into their IT strategy, with a focus on the initiatives that align most closely with the organization’s goals and strategy each year.

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