Crawford County delightedly announces the launch of its unique countywide business program, Crawford CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities). A program designed for high school students, it offers real-world business management knowledge through a combination of theoretical and practical exercises.

This dynamic platform will see students participating in hands-on projects guided by experienced business professionals. The initiative introduces an innovative educational strategy that cultivates future entrepreneurs, providing them with the skills to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

Junior and senior high school students across Crawford County’s seven school districts, including home-schooled students, are encouraged to participate. Board chairperson Audrey Flood explains that students will actively manage businesses, involving sales, revenue, and a functioning bank account.

The CEO program promotes real-world business skills, transcending traditional classroom learning. In addition to fostering entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, it also imparts the nuances of running a business.

Since its inception on October 11, 2022, the CEO program boasts a steadily growing volunteer base and a list of enrolled participants.

Crawford County’s entrepreneurial education for youth

The program’s framework draws inspiration from the esteemed nonprofit, the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship, known for its community empowerment efforts and contributing to economic development.

The Crawford CEO program also functions as a workforce development tool, enhancing regional economic growth. It endeavors to connect students to community leaders via mentorship and business visits, fostering a community-centric perspective among its participants.

The participants will manage businesses and develop ventures which will be showcased at a pitch competition and a commercial event. These real-world business challenges serve to further ground their theoretical knowledge in practical experience, preparing them for their entrepreneurial journey.

Participants can also earn school credits through the program which involves 90-minute classes at various county locations. With an ambitious target of 25 students and featuring 60 business speakers in the introductory session, the program promises a comprehensive business-oriented experience.

Although distinct from Junior Achievement, an international youth organization, the Crawford CEO program is designed to complement it, nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset. Funded by 35 local businesses, those interested can learn more or donate by contacting Audrey Flood at 440-387-6562.

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