Recently, President Joe Biden attracted controversy regarding statements about his past journeys across the Francis Scott Key Bridge. He claimed that he had both driven and traveled by train across the bridge, an impossibility due to the bridge’s infrastructure which lacks railway lines since its construction.

Following a collapse, Biden emphasized the need for a swift and effective reconstruction of the bridge. He highlighted the bridge’s significance in maintaining jobs at the Port of Baltimore and assured that the project would be given priority. The President also pointed out that updating the bridge’s design to withstand environmental challenges would ensure its long-term functionality and support national economic health.

However, Biden’s account of crossing the bridge by train has faced sustained criticism. The bridge was designed exclusively for vehicles, not for rail traffic. Despite often traveling via Amtrak through Baltimore, Biden’s route did not include crossing the harbor using the bridge.

Biden’s bridge criticism amid rising popularity

This led to widespread criticism and led some on the internet to label him “confused.”

In response to his claims, a campaign’s official social media account promptly called out Biden’s factual inaccuracies by highlighting the bridge’s lack of train tracks. The internet’s reaction was swift, with most responses pointing out the factual error of the President’s statement.

Nevertheless, despite the blunder, Biden’s popularity appears to be incrementally increasing. Recent polls show a slight uplift in approval ratings, though he still lags behind his key competitors. The unexpected boost in popularity has left many political analysts intrigued about the sources of Biden’s growing appeal.

The recent rise in his popularity could potentially be tied to Biden’s State of the Union address, where he successfully delivered a well-received speech. Critics appreciated the way he highlighted the ideals of unity, resilience, and American potential. Furthermore, Biden received praise for urging bipartisan cooperation on national issues. These factors may help explain the recent upward trend in his approval ratings.

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